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Incredible work on Lenox and Bradford's wedding in December 2014.

Incredible work on Lenox and Bradford's wedding in December 2014. http://aswankyaffairnc.com/ncweddingsblog/?p=5038

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Classy Transportation, LLC: A Great Gatsby Theme Wedding...

Classy Transportation, LLC: A Great Gatsby Theme Wedding...: A Great Gatsby or Vintage Theme Wedding or Party – What is a vintage theme wedding? It is often a combination of traditional and non-traditional feat...

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Classy Transportation, LLC: Don't Wear This Type Of Wedding Dress

Classy Transportation, LLC: Don't Wear This Type Of Wedding Dress: After completing over a thousand weddings, I have had four incidents where the bride has mysteriously developed an oil-like stain on the hip...

Don't Wear This Type Of Wedding Dress

After completing over a thousand weddings, I have had four incidents where the bride has mysteriously developed an oil-like stain on the hips of her wedding dress. The first time this occurred, I notice the clear (wet looking) stain on the dress prior to the bride entering the wedding car. My assumption was, it was hot outside and she had begun to perspire. By the time she arrived at the reception, it had gotten worst. I immediately started an investigation as to where the stain may have come from, since the car seat was being blamed for causing the stain. I swiped my leather seats with a white handkerchief, but nothing was on the seat. So, I figured what ever it was must have been absorbed by the bride's dress. I willingly paid for the bride’s dry cleaning expense and soon forgot about the incident, since there was no "evidence left at the scene of the crime". It was a year later before it happened again. Still there was no evidence of any oil anywhere on the seat. It wasn't until the third incident that I had enough information to figure out what was causing this problem. All brides wore gowns made of very thin, silk or satin-type fabric that fit very tight around the hips. And they all wore minimum under garments. Also, all weddings were in the summer, which means the brides would surely perspire at some point. REMEMBER LADIES, EVEN IF YOU DON’T USE LOTION OR OIL-BASED CREAM ON YOUR BODY, YOUR BODY IS NATURALLY OILY AND ANY PERSPIRATION WILL BRING ANY OIL IN THE SKIN TO THE SURFACE AND ONTO YOUR WEDDING DRESS. So, as soon as you sat down the oil-based perspiration on your body will be pressed into your wedding dress right around the hips, leaving a wet-looking ugly stain! This is especially true with silk, satin and rayon fabrics. These fabrics have no ability to absorb moisture, so any moisture on the skin will end up bleeding through the garment. So why didn’t this problem occur with other brides? Because they all wore multi-layered dresses and under garments that absorbed any perspiration before reaching the surface of the wedding dress. Mystery Solved! BRIDES, DON’T USE OIL-BASED CREAMS ON YOUR BODY IF YOU PLAN TO WEAR A TIGHT-FITTING WEDDING GOWN. AND MAKE SURE YOU WEAR SOMETHING UNDER THE DRESS TO ABSORB ANY PERSPIRATION, OTHERWISE YOUR WEDDING DRESS MAY BE RUINED BEFORE THE CEREMONY EVEN BEGINS! For those brides that have selected the type of dress mentioned in this article and are willing to take a chance that this won’t happen to them, here’s how you can minimize the damaged. Every bride should have an emergency kit on their wedding day, so just add these things to your kit. 1.Baking soda 2.Talcum Power 3.A piece of chalk that is the color of your dress 4.Two clean white face cloth Never rub or scrub at the spot, you may just make it spread or force the stain deeper into the fabric. First use two white cloths to blot up any excess oil and moisture. Place one on the under side of the dress and one on the out side and press firmly. Then sprinkle the cloths with talcum powder and repeat the process. Let it absorb as much of the moisture as possible (2 to 3 minutes). If there is still a visible sign of the stain, color it with the chalk. The chalk will cover the spot while continuing to absorb the oil and moisture. IMPORTANT NOTE…IF IT’S HOT OUT SIDE, YOU WILL MOST LIKELY BE REPEATING THIS PROCESS ALL DAY, SO BE WARNED!   Article researched and written by Vern Bullock, March 2010. Article researched and updated by Vern Bullock, November 2011 END OF ARTICLE

Leaving Your Wedding Reception In Style

Every bride wants to leave the wedding reception with a grand exit. You've had fun all evening. Now it is time for the big exit with all of your family and friends! Just keep a few things in mind as you plan for your grand exit.

1. If you plan to leave in a classy old vintage car, you will need to book early! There are limited numbers of these cars available, so don't hesitate on making a decision.

2. If you are only going a short distance from your reception to your hotel, the price of your get-away car will still be the same, so plan to ride around a bit too fully enjoy the car and unwind a bit before heading to your hotel.

3. If you are staying at the same hotel as your reception, consider the use of a get-away car to ride you around to give your guests time to leave the hotel reception.

4. If you are not planning a send-off, it just doesn't make sense to use a get-away car. Leaving your reception in a standard town car or even a taxi will do.

5. Make sure your photographer has proper lighting equipment for night photos so can get good pictures of your wedding reception exit and the get-away car.

6. The get-away car is often overlooked or evening forgotten, so it is best to book your get-away car at the same time you book your reception venue. You will have enough information at that time to secure a firm reservation.

7. Vintage cars have limited trunk space or no trunk at all. So, if you are planning to fly out of town on your honeymoon after the reception, get your luggage to the hotel ahead of time. In fact, it is a good idea to check into your honeymoon hotel to get dress and leave from there to the wedding.

8. Wedding days are long! Often 8am to 12midnight. That's 16 hours of activity, so pace yourself. Keep plenty of snacks and refreshments around. You will need to stay hydrated and keep your energy up.

9. Make sure you share your get-away car reservation and plans with your wedding planner early. If there are last minute changes, they may not be able to accommodate them due to other reservation conflicts. Remember, you are only renting the car for a couple of hours and other brides have rented the same car for a different time that same evening.

10. Make sure you and your photographer get some very good photos of you and the car. Not just you in the car. Having only photos of the bride and groom sitting in the back seat of some car is just poor photography, unless you are leaving your reception in a town car or taxi, then it doesn't matter.